AI powered voice bots
Talk fast. Talk slow. Interrupt. Go on. Challenge us.
The future is here. Rethink your contact center today.
Introducing the first bot platform to offer truly natural conversations. Enabling customer interactions across all voice channels including landlines, mobiles, websites, and digital assistants.
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What makes our bots’ conversations 2x times more natural?
Streaming Recognition
It’s the only bot that allows you to speak freely. Our bot has the unique ability to listen while speaking. This means that if you interrupt it mid-sentence, it will pause, listen, understand and respond.
Real - Time Processing
Our bot starts processing your speech as soon as you start speaking, and is preparing the response as you speak. This drastically decreases the time taken to respond and ensures a natural conversational experience
Intent Recognition
Our bots use natural language processing, allowing customers the freedom to speak freely. We train our bots to understand colloquialisms so that a customer can feel comfortable responding, instead of restricting them to “yes” or “no” responses
Add speech intelligence to chatbots!
You can now easily upgrade your chatbot with our voice capabilities to naturally converse with your customers. Give us your contact information below and we will show you how.
How does this help you?
Inbound Contact Center
Conversational IVR
A voice bot will slash down those long, boring IVR menus. Your caller simply says why they called and gets connected
Did you know that your customer prefers self- service for many simple transactions? Your voice bot delivers this via the phone or digital assistants like Alexa /Google Home. Slash call queues by 10-20% while letting satisfaction levels soar
Faster Transactions
Many transactions where your agent connects with third party applications like booking engines, can be delivered faster via voice bots’
Answer FAQs
Being asked the same old questions, repeatedly? Your bots can store a vast amount of technical knowledge. Your agents can get bots to answer callers FAQs, increasing speed of resolution and reducing their monotony
Outbound Contact Center
Customer Feedback
Feedback surveys can be conducted faster and more naturally via voice bots
Quality Leads
Cold calling and telemarketing just got easier. When you have a large database of moderate to low quality data, let your voice bots qualify them. Transfer to your sales representative anytime or fix appointments to call back
Intelligent Recommendations
Your bots don’t just tell prospects and customers about offers, they can interact and recommend as well
Fix appointments
Fixing convenient times to speak to your prospects increase chances of conversion. Make appointment-taking faster, more efficient and pleasant via bots